Double Your Profits - Jay Arthur
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Double Your Profits

By Jay Arthur

  • Release Date: 2011-12-22
  • Genre: Industries & Professions


n economic downturns, do you have trouble staying profitable? Does it seem like there's too much firefighting and too much day-today crisis management? Have you tried everything you can think of to increase profits, but you still have that nagging feeling that there are too many leaks in your cash flow?Imagine having a special set of lenses that would let you see every leak in your cash flow. Not only that, but they would give you precise insights into what to change to plug the leaks and maximize revenue. You can. Using the proven methods and tools of what is now known as Lean Six Sigma, in industries as diverse as healthcare, printing and metal fabrication, Jay Arthur has found that a handful of methods and tools will solve most problems. While Fortune 500 companies spend millions to implement Lean Six Sigma, most companies can't dole out that kind of cash. With the right mindset and a few tools, Jay has found you can start making breakthrough improvements immediately. And it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Most managers find it hard to believe they can double their profits. They doubt that a business can be profitable and still waste as much as $40 out of every $100 they spend on their hidden Fix-it Factory of firefighting and crisis management. But that's what Jay finds in every business. In this book you'll discover the power laws of speed and power laws of quality. Jay has removed all of the Lean Six Sigma jargon, leaving only the key insights needed to maximize profits. Jay wants everyone to learn how to be a Money Belt someone who can find and plug the leaks in their cash flow.